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Faster inspections, faster draws, faster ROI.

Built customers average an inspection turnaround of 2.5 days or less when they leverage Inspections Technology & Services to increase progress visibility.


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Take charge of your draw inspection process.

From single custom homes to sprawling apartment complexes, Built provides solutions to fulfill all your project inspection needs–so you can fund draws faster and within compliance.

Inspections on the Built Platform.

Reduction in inspection times (Avg of 1.25 days).

Faster turn times when using the Built app.

Onsite Inspections

Schedule with Nationwide & Verified Inspectors

Digitally schedule pre-qualified inspectors from Built’s network to visit the job site, collect photos, and assess evidence of progress.

Receive Inspection Results in Real Time

Inspectors utilize mobile app technology to upload an auditable inspection report directly into Built – no matter the remote location.

Pre-Schedule Inspections

Easily pre-schedule draw inspections to proactively make funds available for quick release once the draw is requested.

Save Administrative Time

Built manages all inspection payments so that managing payments is another thing you can cross off of your to-do list.

Remote Inspections

Verify Properties Automatically

Anyone associated with your construction project can capture geolocation-verified photos 

Upload via Mobile Device Capabilities

Upload images of the construction project directly to Built through your mobile device using Project Snapshot.

Increase Transparency

Use the photos to verify project progress to accelerate funding or enhance project visibility with more frequent monitoring.

Inspector Review

Review Remote Inspections

Route Remote Inspections results to a qualified inspector within Built’s network for additional remote review when needed.

Connect to Projects

Once the review is complete, the inspector uploads their inspection report directly into the project.

Comprehensive Inspection Reports

Access Data

Elevate critical data with a standardized, detailed and downloadable inspection report, including Built’s Executive Summary to highlight key details for commercial projects.

Save Time

Gain an at-a-glance view of the important details—which can save you an average of 2 days per inspection.

Disburse Faster

Summary and standardized reports that allow your inspectors to upload their inspections faster, allowing you to disburse more quickly.

Ease entry into any market with a nationwide network of verified inspectors.

Leverage Built’s Inspector Network to easily source highly-qualified inspectors for every project. You can rest assured knowing that every in-network consultant undergoes a thorough vetting process.

How does a consultant get verified by Built?


To be part of Built’s network, each inspection company is required to have a minimum of three years of draw inspection experience. If an inspector has less than three years of experience, they must be backed by referral or recommendation.

Protection & Security

All inspectors are required to have secure passwords and smartphone encryption to access the Built platform, as well as provide proof that they meet the following insurance standards:

  • General liability: $250K
  • Professional liability: $250K
  • Automobile: No less than $300K per occurrence
  • Worker’s comp: Statutory limits

Inspection companies are required to provide a background check that verifies they are clear of the following United States and international government watchlists:

  • FBI’s Most Wanted Lists
  • Interpol’s Most Wanted Lists
  • Office of Foreign Asset Control’s Sanctions List
  • Denied Persons Lists
  • Department of State’s Sanctions Lists
  • U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List
  • Various U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s Wanted Fugitive Lists.

Each inspection company is required to execute an agreement to maintain the highest standards of professionalism both on and off-site, subject to termination for failure to meet these requirements.

Built Inspector Network
Inspector Network

Expand your network by joining ours.

Gain immediate access to the largest aggregate demand of draw inspections in the construction industry–allowing you to grow your business faster than ever before.