Invoice Management

Say goodbye to manual payment processes.

Simplify your invoice operations with Built.

Collect, manage, and track invoices in one platform.

Built makes modern construction bookkeeping possible.

Centralize invoice management.

Collect and manage all of your AIA-styled invoices and direct cost invoices. With invoices in one place, you can quickly assess the real-time commitments across your portfolio.

Ensure invoice accuracy.

Avoid endless rounds of invoice revisions. Built-in guardrails ensure downstream vendors submit a correct invoice the first time.

Implement checks and balances.

Easy-to-use approval workflows help you dot your i’s and cross your t’s. With options for parallel or sequential approval flows, you can design the process that works best for you.

Improve communication with vendors.

Request revisions, discuss invoice updates, and share the status of an invoice in real-time, all in one place. Greater visibility means fewer questions from your vendors.

Get the tools you need to simplify your payment process.

AIA-Styled Progress Invoicing

Collaborate on AIA-styled G702/G703 progress invoices linked to a contract’s schedule of values. Enable custom controls for retainage, change order billing, and stored materials.

Direct Cost Invoicing

Collect and manage one-off invoices that aren’t linked to a contract.

Approval Workflows

Keep processes running smoothly by routing invoices using sequential or parallel approval flows.


Quickly align on changes with downstream parties via in-app comments.


Keep invoice data from Built in-sync with your ERP to avoid duplicate data entry.

Status Tracking

Gain payment visibility with real-time status tracking.

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