Construction Loan Dashboard Summary
Draw & Budget Management

Cut your draw turnaround times in half.

Faster draws, faster return on your investment. Built customers average a 1.4 day turnaround time.

Feature Functionality

Loan management doesn’t have to be time-consuming or costly.

Built simplifies the draw and budget management process to help your team increase capacity and efficiency so you can focus on what matters most: helping your customers—from builders and borrowers to sponsors and owners.

Draw Process Dashboard Image

Gain clarity & control over your draw process.

Customize Templates

Leverage customizable budget and draw templates that you can create and reuse on multiple projects

Take Action

Immediately see a draw’s status and receive notifications when action is required.

Access Trends & Insights

Receive insights into trends and potential risks at the project and portfolio levels.

Keep projects running on time & on budget.

Calculate Budget & Collateral

Automatically calculate budget items and collateral values that update with every draw.

 Manage Budget Changes

Track budget changes and adjustments to ensure that you’re allocating funding appropriately.

Streamline Budget Access

Centralize critical budget details so all stakeholders can easily access.

Digital Construction Loan Experience

Provide the digital experience borrowers expect.

Collaborate Digitally

Acess a collaborative environment for internal employee workflows and external borrower, builder, and inspector communications.

Request Draws Easily

Allow borrowers to view relevant project data and digitally request draws so they can keep a pulse on their project.

Specify User Permissions by Role

Customize user permissions to ensure secure access to role-specific information.