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The communities where we live, work, and play doesn’t get built without you. The future of construction management is here and we will lead the way together. We want you to get even higher value out of your investment in Built than you are already receiving.
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The Framework is a program for the community of people who use and love Built—designed to provide even more value to you for providing your input and insight.

Why Join the Framework

Exclusive Access

Gain access to unique benefits like invites to exclusive product reviews, Built-sponsored events, cash rewards for promoting Built, and more. 

Product Roadmap

Members will have a meaningful influence on the Built product roadmap with opportunities to provide feedback and be a beta tester for new products and services


As the community grows, members can build social capital within their network by interacting with this exclusive community.


Built-lead advertising for member’s company through Built’s social channels

Each activity you complete will help you earn points so that you can earn rewards.

Our Reference

Be a reference for Built

Let’s work together to change the way the world gets built.  


Refer someone in your contractor or lender network

Do you know someone who could benefit from using Built? A statement needs to follow this.


Provide a testimonial or review

Built will advertise your review on our social media and make sure your company is promoted. 



Case Studies

Collaborate on a case study

We want to share your success story with the world! Built will advertise your case study on our social media.



Provide Product Feedback

Get exclusive opportunities to participate in user research studies, engage directly with Built team members, and gain early access to new features and products.



Built has proven to be one of the most efficient and cost-effective system processes The Wolff Company has implemented as we've expanded into the general contracting world.

Whitney Goodwin, VP of Accounting
The Wolff Company

How it Works

  • Complete Activities

    Complete activities to earn points. Some are one-time only, but some can be repeated for unlimited point-earning.

  • Earn Exciting Rewards

    Choose to redeem your points for Swag, Cash, Gift Cards, or Donations. You can choose the amount you wish to redeem.

  • Receive Rewards

    Receive the rewards of your choice and continue to engage to earn more.

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