Improve underwriting quality & speed.

Using Built’s two-way Excel integration, you can seamlessly manage all of your underwriting data directly from your existing workbooks.

Feature Functionality

Don’t let disparate data systems slow you down.

Bad data can threaten portfolio performance and introduce unnecessary risk to your business. By centralizing data, you’ll have all of the information you need to evaluate the integrity, creditworthiness, and risk of a prospective client or project.

Identify risk faster.

Use Existing Models

Import underwriting data to run reports and trend analysis.

Leverage Templates

Easily transfer data into your existing credit memorandum templates by asset type.

Access Historical Data

View all deal data over time to easily facilitate reporting or modeling trend analysis.

Centralize your deal data while still using Excel.

Leverage Two-Way Integration

Synthesize data into Built’s cloud-based platform with our Excel integration.

Use Native Models

With one click, you can pull reporting from your native analytic models into the Built platform.

Collaborate on your deals in real time.

Utilize Discussion Boards

Leverage Built’s discussion board to ensure that you’re underwriting team is getting real-time information from your origination and asset management teams.

Eliminate Duplicative Work

Work off of the same information rather than siloed spreadsheets to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.