Risk Mitigation

Don’t wait for issues to arise—monitor & prevent them proactively.

Monitor operational and regulatory compliance or basic performance at the project and contractor level with all vital information aggregated in a single location.

Risk Mitigation Solutions

Safeguard your investments.

Automate contractor due diligence.

Set clear parameters for managing contractor relationships, all in one place. Then, you can ensure that every contractor you hire and pay meets your expectations and due diligence requirements.

Request title updates instantly.

Quickly ensure liens and title conditions are clear before funding. Request and run a full title search at any project stage. You’ll receive a full report with property details, voluntary liens, involuntary liens, and tax status.

Automate lien tracking & monitoring.

Track for involuntary liens on a daily basis, automatically. With ongoing lien monitoring, you can rest assured that unexpected liens don’t cause project delays.

Get proactive alerts for project trouble spots.

Receive timely alerts for any red flags like a contractor’s status or lien issues. With proactive alerts, you can take action quickly—and ensure that they don’t pose a threat to any of your projects.


Eliminate silos to improve risk mitigation.

Data in Context

Gain access to all of the data needed for a given project in a consolidated, actionable view so you can easily make informed decisions.

Time Savings

Guarantee ongoing coverage for your project so that you can finish on time and on budget.

Automated Monitoring

With direct integrations with title databases and credit reporting agencies, Built provides proactive alerts to help ensure quick resolution.

Build a better risk mitigation process.