Streamline payment to your subcontractors

Manage primary and lower-tier vendors, SOVs and pay apps, compliance documents, lien waivers, and payments—all in one place.
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Payment management shouldn’t be so complicated.

Complex billing requirements are challenging within tight payment cycle timelines. Painfully manual processes, duplicate data entry, and errors cause backlogs and create headaches for your team. Improve efficiency, mitigate risk, and supercharge your accounting and compliance workflows with Built.

Modernize your workflow with our suite of tools.

Simplify Subcontractor Invoicing

Enable subcontractors to correctly fill out pay applications based on an approved schedule of values and sign conditional lien waivers each pay period directly in Built.

Guarantee Compliance

Notify your subcontractors when compliance documents are required and set auto-reminders to ensure compliance never lapses. Subs will see documentation needs when they submit their payment app, and you’ll see their compliance status when it’s time to remit payment.

Create and Send Lien Waivers in Batches

Automatically generate primary and lower-tier lien waivers based on approved pay applications and auto-trigger reminders when they’re unsigned. Avoid the hassle of never-ending follow-ups and obtain peace of mind that your payments are protected.

Monitor Lower Tier Vendors

Gain visibility into lower tiers by having subcontractors list their vendors during project setup. Easily track notices and lower-tier waivers on every project.

Digitize Payments

Eliminate the stress of check day and ensure your subcontractors are paid on time. Build trust with your subcontractors by scheduling payments that are automatically disbursed upon receipt and approval of an unconditional lien waiver.

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