Portfolio & Asset Management

Simplify & speed up portfolio reporting.

Get a holistic view of everything going on in your portfolio so that you can maximize ROI by saving time and reducing friction.

Feature Functionality

Gain portfolio insights without digging 
through Excel models.

With a cloud-based system for managing all relevant deal information, users can clearly and easily highlight concentrated risks and decrease charge-off and provision allowance, in addition to decreasing the internal burden of regulatory compliance.

Aggregate asset level data to gain a holistic picture of your portfolio.

Integrate Existing Data

Plug into your existing asset and portfolio models with a streamlined integration.

Highlight Risk

Expose risk faster and more accurately across the portfolio with automated reporting.

Automate Reporting

Reduce time spent on Investment Committee and QASR Reports.

Pull portfolio & asset 
level reports in seconds.

Simplify Reports

Generate customizable earnings and investment committee reports directly in your existing Excel or Word documents in a few clicks.

Generate with Templates

Leverage customized templates for specific reports, including: Quarterly Asset Summary Reports, Investment Committee Memos, Regulatory Reports, and more.