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PUBLISHED: 03/15/2023

Construction projects require a high level of coordination and collaboration between contractors, subcontractors, lenders, builders, and owners. At the forefront of this process is the inspection team, whose role is to verify the progress of construction work and ensure that draws are disbursed in accordance with established milestones. The inspection process can be time-consuming and manual, making it challenging for inspectors to keep up with the demands of multiple projects.

Joe Williams, an inspector based in Texas, prefers to work with construction lenders using Built’s Inspections Technology and Services. By leveraging Built, his team is able to streamline the inspection process,
reducing manual tasks and increasing the accuracy of their work.

How were you first introduced to Built and what were your initial thoughts?

When I started as an inspector, we were still carrying around digital cameras, doing stuff with carbon copy. Even our billing system was handwritten—we’ve certainly come a long way from there. At the time, the banks I worked for had antiquated operating systems. As I started gaining other clients through the years, more stuff was done online or in the field and all of it was terrible. I’ve been using Built for about a year now. A friend of mine who is an inspector in North Texas told me about Built—she told me that I should look into it. It was a month later that a bank, who I work with, introduced me to Built. Like anything, the first time was a little shaky, but we got it ironed out and have been going forward ever since. It was night and day to anything that I’ve witnessed before. It’s very user-friendly and everything can be done right there in the field in real time.

Have you noticed a difference between lenders who use Built and those who don’t?

Absolutely. The old way of doing things was slow and complicated. Built is the best answer for many lenders. The ones who are hesitant to adopt technology are the same ones that are staffing more people than they need to or, worse, some of them are going out to projects themselves rather than hiring inspectors. You need an unbiased third party to protect you, your assets, and the bank.

What do you think a healthy inspection frequency is?

Jobs get done faster when inspections are more frequent; it provides faster cash flow to the builder. But the answer to that question is that It really depends on the kind of project. At the very least, I would look at projects biweekly per the lenders’ request. As a result of that, you will see a jump in productivity. There are some buildings I look at once a week, like track home projects. For the projects I look at once a month, in comparison, we see longer finish times. . When a lender hasn’t fully committed, it’s not the same experience.

What would it look like if you had more prescheduled inspections? Would it help you?

Prescheduled inspections allow me to plan my days more effectively. The territory I cover is pretty large and if they can schedule or submit early in the week, we’re better able to plan our routes and cover more ground.nline with a couple of clicks and money is exchanged a few days later.

What are some of your favorite Built features? Why?

My favorite Built feature is the ability to upload the inspection photos while you’re right there, onsite! I’m not waiting for it, I don’t have to sort through my photos back at my computer: it’s all right there. It makes my job so much easier.

What would you say to someone considering Built?

One of the best things about Built is not only that the team is trying vigilantly to improve your product and your company, but you’re also asking us for support and suggestions in order to get there. And you’re listening to it. I find that to be phenomenal that you all are taking that extra step in trying to make things better and always improve. I would recommend Built to any of the lenders that I do business with. I look forward to working with you for a long time—you all have made our jobs easier.

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For more information about getting started with Built’s Inspections Technology and Services, or how you can join our network of Verified Inspectors, please visit https://getbuilt.com/inspection-services/.

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