John Kraemer & Sons

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Custom Home Builder
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Edina, MN
Payment Management, Lien Waiver Management

The John Kraemer & Sons team has been building luxury homes and remodeling residences since 1978. After dealing with a frustrating and manual lien waiver management process for years, the team turned to Built.

Using Built, Janna Ryan, Chief Financial Officer at John Kraemer & Sons, transformed the lien waiver process. Now, Janna and her team easily and systematically collect lien waivers at the time of payment. “The entire process is streamlined from the pay application to payments to collecting the lien waivers,” shares Janna.

With more efficient processes, the team saves multiple days every month. And they’ve been able to take on more projects without hiring additional employees.

Janna loves working with Built and raves about how easy the implementation process was. “People are usually hard to reach but Built made it so easy. There’s no company I’ve ever worked with that has the customer support Built has,” she shares. “I would highly recommend Built to other general contractors,” she concludes.