Tech-Powered Lending: A Conversation with Live Oak Bank & Built

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Built Team
PUBLISHED: 07/14/2022

Built VP of Enterprise Sales, Mike Segreto sits down with Live Oak Bank President, Huntley Garriott to discuss Live Oak Bank’s partnership with Built and the importance of technology in lending.

Live Oak Bank is on a mission to be America’s small business bank–a mission it has partnered with Built to fulfill. A leading USDA and SBA small business lender, Live Oak Bank works tirelessly to ensure that its customers are at the heart of everything it does. Live Oak Bank’s secret to success, and what differentiates it from other small business lenders, is a focus on integrating cutting-edge technology with personalized human support.

Built’s customizable digital platform allows Live Oak Bank to provide customers with easier access to capital, streamlined payments, and actionable insights without sacrificing the human element they have come to expect.

“Live Oak Bank was really excited to use Built from day one. All of the things that we espouse in terms of next-generation platforms, and what that means for workflow, data access, and collaboration, was happening and was real. We’ve been a collaborative partner in designing what we believe to be the best tool for our customers and employees. Built has been such a great partner because there has been a real design element and real collaboration.”

– Live Oak President, Huntley Garriott

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