Connect and simplify doing business in real estate.

Built improves the flow of capital throughout the construction and real estate lifecycle.

Get the tools you need to:
  • Finance construction loans
  • Optimize project financials
  • Simplify construction billing
  • Manage CRE assets
Get the tools you need to:
Get the tools you need to:

Get the tools you need to:

Construction Loan Management

Boost efficiency with simplified budget and draw management.

Reduced Administrative Costs
Increased Interest Income
Faster Draws & Inspections
Better Risk Management
Improve draw & budget management.

Increase the capacity and efficiency of your draw team while creating a better borrower experience.

Actively mitigate portfolio risk.

Aggregate loan information in one location to proactively prevent issues before they arise.

Take control of your inspections.

Stay on top of inspection progress so you can fund draws faster while staying compliant.

Optimize project financials

Keep projects on track with streamlined budget and payment workflows.

Quicker Disbursements
Simplified Payment Processes
In-Depth Insights
Reduced Project Risk
Accelerate access to funding.

Map payables to your draw schedule, so you can create and submit draws in minutes.

Get time back in your day.

Automate invoice management, draw creation, change order approvals, and budget adjustments.

Modernize your accounts payable.

Collect AIA-styled and direct cost invoices and implement approval workflows to ensure accuracy.

Simplify construction billing

Build trust with your subcontractors by accelerating the payment process.

Simplified Payment Management
Back Office Efficiencies
Integrated Workflows
Increased Profitability
Streamline accounts payable.

Increase efficiency with centralized invoice collection, document management, and payment workflows.

Increase visibility down the project chain.

Track lien waivers, sworn statements, and preliminary notices so you can reduce risk for your business.

Integrate critical workflows.

Connect to your favorite accounting, project management, and banking platforms.

Manage CRE Assets

Make data-driven decisions with in-depth portfolio insights.

Complete Portfolio Visibility
Customizable Workflows
Asset & Portfolio Management
One-Click Data Insights
Get insights faster.

Generate reports in seconds, not days, for more informed decision-making.

Streamline underwriting.

Integrate your underwriting data with your existing Excel workflows to boost efficiency.

Simplify asset management.

Quickly drill down into specific properties to view lease terms, tenancy, and cash flow/NOI statements.

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Meet the teams funding, building, and managing our world.

Sachem Capital

“We were looking at all the other competitors we could. Built was above and beyond the rest, especially for us as a partnership.”

Scott Lovene

Construction Manager

Sachem Capital (SACH)

“Built allows us to have uniform, gap-free processes regardless of branch, customer, builder, and borrower. When you utilize Built, you are going to find the uniformity, efficiency, and centralization you have been missing.”

Nick Hartley

Chief Lending Officer

AgGeorgia Farm Credit

“Live Oak Bank was really excited to use Built from day one. All of the things that we espouse in terms of next-generation platforms, and what that means for workflow, data access, and collaboration, was happening and was real. We’ve been a collaborative partner in designing what we believe to be the best tool for our customers and employees.”

Huntley Garriott


Live Oak Bank

“Built is very cost effective in the time saved but more importantly in eliminating potential errors in billings from the subcontractors. The subcontractors are getting paid faster which is an added bonus.”

Janna Ryan

Chief Financial Officer

John Kraemer & Sons

“Built is the best thing that’s ever happened…when you have all these different banks in the area all now picking up the same system, it makes our process a lot easier, there is no doubt about that. From the way things used to be–from communication, scheduling, and all of that chaos that happened before– it’s a very pleasant and easy process now with Built.”

Robert Smith

Sales Manager

Donaway Homes

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