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PUBLISHED: 10/3/2022

Onsite inspections are essential to construction progress monitoring and the draw process. In fact, we’ve found that the most effective and consistent method for lenders to monitor construction progress and reduce draw turn times is with pre-scheduled onsite inspections that occur every 30-45 days. However, onsite inspections have their limitations. For starters, they can be costly, which, when factoring in budget constraints, can make frequent progress monitoring challenging. Onsite inspections are also time-consuming–putting you at the mercy of the inspector’s ability to travel to the job site, capture evidence of progress, and complete and submit the inspection report. Luckily, by leveraging modern technology, you can supplement onsite inspections with remote monitoring to provide the most efficient and cost-effective inspection experience for your customers.   


Introducing Project Snapshot–Fast & Flexible Project Monitoring At Your Fingertips

Project Snapshot is a simple yet powerful remote project monitoring tool specifically designed to supplement your onsite inspections–filling in the gaps and allowing you to be more vigilant about progress monitoring at no additional cost, regardless of who is paying. With Project Snapshot, you can leverage any trusted individual associated with the project to capture and upload photo evidence of progress directly to the Built platform for you to assess. Built uses advanced geolocation technology to ensure the date, time, and location of all submitted photos is accurate and auditable. Project Snapshot photos may be used for ongoing project monitoring or to quickly release funds. For a more thorough review, you can also route photos to a prequalified inspector in Built’s network for remote Inspector Review.


Project Snapshot was designed with flexibility in mind–allowing it to be effective in a variety of situations. Let’s take a look at some scenarios where Project Snapshot can provide value to your inspection process:


Example 1:

Assessing work completed between onsite inspections

A full onsite inspection was completed on September 1st and available funds were determined. Two days after the onsite inspection, roofing materials were delivered and installed for $13,500. The builder wants to include this amount on the next draw–however, budget constraints on inspection fees don’t allow for another onsite inspection so soon.
How Project Snapshot Adds Value
Prescheduling onsite inspections at regular intervals benefits builders by determining funds consistently. However, work completed between onsite inspections isn’t accounted for until the next scheduled inspection–which can be troublesome when builders need access to money for work completed between inspections. In this scenario, you can request a Project Snapshot through Built’s mobile or web interface and leverage any trusted individual on the job site to capture photo evidence of the installed roof. When the request is sent, the trusted party receives a secure link that allows them to capture and upload photographs directly to the project within Built from their mobile device. If you are satisfied after reviewing the Project Snapshot photographs of the roof, you can combine the funds determined for the completed roof with the funds determined during the most recent onsite inspection and pay the draw for all work done to date.   


Example 2:

Missed line items

During the last onsite inspection, the inspector forgot to capture evidence of completed tile work in one of the guest bathrooms. The builder needs the $3,200 for the materials and labor included in the next draw request.
How Project Snapshot Adds Value
When working with an onsite inspector, human error is always a possibility–and occasionally, line items are missed during an inspection. When line items are missed, procuring an inspector to quickly assess the missing items can be a challenge–especially if the builder wants these funds available in the next draw. Project Snapshot is a great way to quickly assess missed items without the need to send an inspector back to the job site. To assess the missing line item, you can simply send a Project Snapshot request to any trusted partner on the job site via the Built platform to have them capture photos of the completed tile work. Once you review and are satisfied with the progress photos, you can submit a lender-submitted inspection report to quickly release the $3,200. 


Example 3:

Assessing rural properties with limited inspector availability

A custom home is being built in a small rural town in eastern Tennessee. There aren’t many inspectors in the area, and those within a reasonable distance have limited availability–making for long inspection turn times. In addition, the home is located at the top of a rough mountain road–making it tough for inspectors without a truck to access the property.
How Project Snapshot Adds Value
While remote inspections shouldn’t be viewed as a full replacement for onsite inspections, Project Snapshot can be a great option for you to monitor projects and expedite draws for properties in rural areas with limited inspector availability. In situations where you simply aren’t able to procure an onsite inspector, you can leverage any trusted party already on the job site to capture and upload progress photos via Project Snapshot. Built’s technology functions with as little as one bar of LTE service–meaning photos can be uploaded directly from job sites with poor reception. Once received, you can route Project Snapshot photos to a prequalified inspector for a thorough remote review using Built’s Inspector Review. 



Unlock Flexible Inspections for Every Scenario

Project Snapshot is part of Built’s Inspections Technology & Services package–a comprehensive and flexible approach to inspections that gives you the freedom to choose between three distinct project monitoring options:


  • Project Snapshot: Enhance project visibility at no additional cost–with geolocation-verified progress photos sent directly from anyone associated with the project.  
  • Inspector Review: Route Project Snapshot results to qualified inspectors within Built’s network for additional remote review when needed.
  • Inspector Onsite: Digitally request and schedule an inspector to physically visit the job site to assess and capture evidence of progress. Sourcing prequalified inspectors from Built’s Inspector Network allows you to rest assured knowing you’ll receive the highest quality inspections at a fair price.


The flexible inspection options offered in Built’s Inspections Technology & Services package allow you to make the most efficient and cost-effective decisions on behalf of your project–all while maintaining access to Built’s nationwide network of inspectors.

Are you ready to learn how you can leverage Inspections Technology & Services to transform your inspections? Connect with a Built Inspections expert today!

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