Compliance Management

Ensure compliance on every project.

Tracking important documents is a breeze with Built.

Manage all of your compliance documents in one place.

From collection to tracking – we’ve got you covered.

Stop drowning in paperwork.

Collect and track notices, certificates of insurance, safety documents, and financials all in one place. With Built, you also have the ability to accept and store non-standard documents.

Avoid hefty penalties.

Track document status and ensure your team is compliant, so you’re not hit with a fine if an accident or audit occurs. And, get alerts when vendors’ insurance policies are close to expiring, so you never have to worry about a lapse in coverage.

Get the tools you need to stay compliant.

Document Collection

Collect notices, certificates of insurance, safety documents, and financials when an invoice is submitted.

Status Tracking

Clearly understand which documents are outstanding and approved with real-time status tracking.

Expiration Alerts

Help vendors resolve expiring policies with automated alerts.

Compliance Templates

Collect and track non-standard documents that are custom to your organization.

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