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Referred by a trusted inspector, Built Technologies understands your unique needs and has designed a construction loan administration platform specifically tailored for you.

Product Features

Simplify construction loan management.

Built’s Construction Loan Administration (CLA) Suite provides a centralized platform for lenders, borrowers, contractors, and inspectors to efficiently manage construction loans

Improve draw & budget management.

Increase the capacity and efficiency of your draw team with software that enables them to service more loans—all while removing friction for a better borrower experience.

Actively mitigate portfolio risk.

Aggregate vital loan information in a singular location and proactively prevent issues before they pose a threat to your portfolio.

Take charge of your draw inspections.

Leverage Built’s solutions for all of your project progress inspection needs to fund draws faster and within compliance.

For Projects of All Sizes


Eliminate complex handoffs and processes in favor of transparency and efficiency for better borrower experiences with Built.

Home Builder Finance

Expedite the collateral add process and draw turnaround times, open new revenue streams, and remove administrative burden.


Drive best practices internally with streamlined workflows with Built to enable decreased risk and increased interest income.

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From Built Builders & Inspectors

Hear from a few users of Built on why they prefer to work with lenders who use Built for their construction loan administration.

Customer Stories

Don't just take our word for it!

Hear from a few users of Built on why they prefer to work with lenders who use Built for their construction loan administration 

Built has saved our organization a lot of time processing our draws—it has shaved one to two days off the inspection process. I find myself sending more loan requests to the banks that utilize Built because it makes me more efficient.

Kent Hannah CFO, Bell Homes

Built is so easy to use. Best bank draw system we have ever used. We only recommend banks that utilize this system. Completely eliminates the paper draw/excel sheet systems that banks used to love that were so cumbersome and time-consuming. Easy for all parties: Builder, Homeowner, and Lender!!

Patten Custom Homes

“I wish every one of the lenders we work with used Built. It makes my life so much easier!!”

Marni Purdue, Mortgage Inspection Reports

“I feel like I have my life back! I haven’t been able to leave my desk in years! Because of Built, I have almost doubled my business and have about ¼ the amount of paperwork due. Best of all, my stress level has gone way down! This is amazing!!!”

Kim Girratano, Construction Progress Inspectors, LLC