Built Inspection Services

Built’s Inspection Services streamlines and simplifies the fulfillment of draw inspection services for you.

By partnering with local, regional and national inspection companies, Built is committed to bringing all stakeholders the best inspection experience in the industry.

Built's Inspection Services provide an integrated, automatically curated list of participating inspection companies to our partnering lenders.

  • Immediate access

    Quickly see vendors who cover your area and eliminate the need to source inspectors for every project

  • High Standards

    Gain access to a pool of Built verified inspectors - we make sure inspectors are properly vetted so you don't have to

  • Easy billing

    Streamlined monthly billing to reduce administrative overhead

  • Cost Predictability

    Predictably manage budgeted inspection fees with one flat rate per inspection

The Built Inspection Difference

Built uses technology to inject efficiency throughout the entire value chain of construction draw inspections to create a unique win-win-win opportunity for our clients and partners alike.

Built’s Efficiency Workflow

Enable Safe + Efficient Draw Inspections

Remote Inspection Request

When requesting a third-party inspection in Built, you will be prompted to choose between an On-site and a Remote Inspection.

After choosing the remote option, the builder or borrower will receive an email with instructions and a secure link through which they will submit their photos.

Builder/Borrower Sign In

The builder or borrower will sign into Built through the email link (if they do not yet have an account, they will be able to sign up).

They will be forced to enable location services that we will use to geo-tag the photos to determine if they were taken on the correct property.

Photo Collection

After logging in, the builder or borrower will be walked through the 3-step photo-collection form.

To further verify location, we will ask for pictures of the front and rear of the property, a street-view photo in both directions, and all photos that will show the progress of the construction.

Photo Security

All photos added to the form have to be newly taken photos – there is no ability to add from camera roll. This ensures that every photo will be a new, geo-tagged photo, where we will be able to see where it was taken.

After completing the form, the builder or borrower will agree to legal terms stating they will be subject to civil liability or prosecution if the photos are found to be fraudulent.

Photo Review

After the builder or borrower submission, the photos will be sent to the inspector to be inspected for progress.

When reviewing photos, both the inspector and lender will be able to view the geo-coordinates of the photo and property location to compare.

Ready to Learn More?

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