The Vendor Experience

Easy-To-Use Software Your Vendors Will Love

Requiring neither account setup nor software download, Built makes it easy for subcontractors, vendors, and partners to complete documentation that gets them paid.

Built Provides Easy-To-Use Software That Facilitates Compliance & Payments



Why they love it:

Complete flexibility with delivery and payment methods 

Customized branding that creates consistency and trust

Speedy and easy turnarounds from receipt to submission 


For trades, completing project documents is like competing in a rat race.

Errors make the process drag and manual systems result in missed documents that completely stall work.



Flexible Electronic Payments

With Built Pay, subcontractors and vendors can be paid as soon as their compliance documents are completed and they can choose how they’d like to be paid, too.

  • Payments are automated, so GCs don’t have to keep track
  • Paper checks no longer get lost on the job site or in the mail
  • Payments can be made via ACH, credit card, debit card, or real-time payments

Electronic Signature

Use our trusted 3rd party signature partner or your DocuSign account to deliver lien waivers via email. Vendors can read and sign the waivers directly from their devices.

  • No more printing, mailing, wet-signing, and returning waivers
  • No more lien waivers getting lost in the mail
  • No more extended waiting periods that slow down work

Email Delivery

Send PDFs via email for wet-sign or notarization. Built pulls data from your project management system, accounting program, or imported invoices to create waivers.

  • Eliminates unnecessary back-and-forth between GC and sub
  • Efficient delivery accelerates timelines
  • Works with Email Tracking for seamless filing and organization

Email Tracking

Our smart email tracking technology can read subcontractors’ signed and scanned PDFs and then direct them to the correct project within the Built dashboard. *Ideal for companies that prefer wet-signed and scanned documents 

  • Eliminates manual tracking and filing
  • Maintains legacy process from subcontractor’s perspective
  • Simplifies general contractor or builder’s workload

It took me less than 4 minutes to sign two lien waivers using your program opposed to 15 to 30 minutes depending on the format. I like it.

Sue Ann Gomez
American Eagle Construction and Drywall

Electronic Notarization

Integrations with DocuSign and allow subcontractors to get lien waivers legally notarized directly from their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Notarization has never been easier.

  • Eliminates cross-town drives to get files notarized
  • Notarization is simplified via trusted solutions 

Signer’s Inbox

Instead of an inbox flooded with individual waiver emails, Signer’s Inbox zips up all lien waivers and documents in one email delivery. Just click into the interface where waivers are available for signing. Completion is fast and easy.

  • Keeps vendor inboxes clean
  • Reduces overwhelm
  • Makes signing multiple lien waivers easy

Paper Delivery

For those who want to continue with their legacy, hard-copy workflow, Built allows for single or batch creation of waivers and ensures accuracy on all waivers the first time.

  • Ensures waiver accuracy
  • Eliminates back-and-forth between GC and sub
  • Expedites the lien waiver process

How Vendors Work With Built:

Step 1

Get email requesting necessary documents like W9s, NTOs, lien waivers, and more.

Step 2

Click the link to open Built and view files in a web browser—no app install necessary.

Step 3

Sign or upload necessary documents, then click to e-sign or print for wet signature.

Step 4

Once all documents are complete, vendors can get paid and get to work.

Case Study

First Federal

First Federal Savings needed a new digital solution to better fit the needs of their entire team, so they selected Built. After just a year on the platform, they can manage their construction projects more effectively and quickly identify trends within their portfolio.

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