Construction finance is hard.

You need a modern solution

Built Construction Loan Administration Software provides real-time visibility into your construction portfolio while simplifying the complex loan administration process.

The CLA collaborative platform accelerates the movement of money into projects by eliminating siloed systems and manual processes.

Mitigate Risk

Built provides unprecedented transparency into the state of your construction portfolio, including proactive alerts on potential problem loans.

Construction loan management is hard.

Construction loans have a history of being a high-risk and complex asset class. Due to the perceived risks, lenders carry the burden and stress of each loan’s success.

Built empowers lenders to proactively mitigate risk through real-time portfolio management and data insights. The Built platform provides the tools you need to identify at-risk projects and portfolio trends that can help guide your decision making.

  • Portfolio View

    Monitor your entire construction portfolio from a single location

  • Alerts

    Quickly identify loans that are at risk of going stale, reaching maturity, overfunding, and other potential risks

  • Portfolio Monitoring

    Visualize draw turnaround times and the influence of various workflows, settings, and users

  • Capacity Tracking

    Ensure policies and procedures are followed with complete transparency into all loan activity

  • Secure Document Sharing

    Easily communicate and exchange critical loan information from a single, secure centralized location

Bank of San Antonio + Built

To further grow its construction portfolio, The Bank of San Antonio sought a solution to automate its manual, time consuming loan management process and effectively monitor its growing portfolio.

Ensure Compliance

Built CLA Software helps you simplify regulatory exams and audits

Disparate information and legacy systems make consolidated reporting difficult.

Working with siloed systems to pull data and submit information is convoluted. Due to the frequent changes that occur in construction lending, lenders need a flexible reporting solution to quickly adapt.

Built was designed with regulatory compliance in mind. The secure, cloud-based platform allows lenders to store, document, and audit critical loan information and documents quickly and efficiently while also enabling real-time portfolio monitoring and reporting capabilities.

  • Efficient Reporting

    Reduce report preparation time by up to 80% by utilizing Built CLA Software portfolio-level reporting

  • Audit Preparation

    Provide examiners the data they need without interrupting your credit management department's daily workflows

  • Ongoing Compliance

    Automate and standardize layers of manual loan management processes and procedures

Power Faster Draws

Built CLA Software accelerates the time from draw request to disbursement of funds.

Construction loan management is slow and convoluted.

Construction lenders often rely on spreadsheets and legacy systems to manage critical loan information.

Due to the lengthy requirements and documentation required for each type of construction loan, managing a portfolio without a centralized system results in unnecessary stress and time-consuming administrative burdens.

By eliminating layers of manual processes and slow, excessive handoffs, Built CLA Post-close Software helps lenders reduce draw turnaround time and improve administrative efficiency.

  • Quick Review

    Easily access a comprehensive, real-time view of your entire construction portfolio.

  • Process Efficiency

    Increase administrative capacity for Loan Officers, Operations Staff, and Management by up to 300%.

  • Consolidated Reporting

    Better prepare for compliance exams without interrupting your credit management department’s daily workflows.

  • Real-Time Oversight

    Visualize draw turnaround times and the influence of various workflows, settings, and users.

Inspire Customer Loyalty

Built CLA Software eliminates friction in the customer journey with less paperwork, faster approvals, and easier communication.

Your customers expect a modern experience.

Historically, construction lenders have depended on excessive handoffs and legacy systems to communicate and exchange loan information.

By offering a digital interface, less paperwork, and faster approvals, Built allows lenders to streamline communication and strengthen customer relationships.

Built CLA Software provides a unique portal experience to lenders, borrowers, builders, developers, and inspectors, completely tailored to each user’s needs.

  • Complete Transparency

    Readily access critical loan information, documents, and project status in real-time.

  • Digital User Experience

    Lenders, borrowers, builders, and inspectors each have an intuitive, modern portal experience in Built, completely tailored to meet their unique needs.

  • Faster Draws

    Up to 70% reduction in draw turnaround time, pushing projects forward faster.

  • Better Communication

    Easily communicate and exchange loan information and documents with all key parties from a single, secure centralized location.

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