Simplify managing construction loans.

Built’s Construction Loan Administration (CLA) Suite provides a centralized platform for lenders, borrowers, contractors, and inspectors to efficiently manage construction loans
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Power faster & more efficient builds.

Tedious, manual processes for loan administration are prone to risk and inefficiencies. Built’s CLA platform streamlines operations and centralizes loan information with speed, clarity, and control.

Draw Management
Collateral Management
Borrower Experience
Portfolio Insights

Improve draw management.

Increase efficiency with a streamlined draw process so that your customers get the capital they need to complete projects faster than ever before.

Clarify processes.

Set up and standardize clear draw disbursement procedures—Built optimizes nearly every aspect of your workflows with technology.

Decrease draw turnaround.

Decrease draw turnaround times with optimized workflows that empower you to increase loan volume without adding headcount.

Manage collateral.

Track construction collateral through every stage and quickly identify risks to ensure projects are progressing as planned.

Secure Storage

Store collateral information in a secure, cloud-based location

Reduce Risk

Leverage analytics to pinpoint potential opportunities for risk

Enhance borrower experience.

Bring everyone involved in a construction project into one, streamlined portal so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Standard Point of Access

Centralize all relevant project information in one place

Improve Collaboration

Eliminate unnecessary communication via phone or email

Invite All Stakeholders

Increase visibility for all parties involved in a given project

Gain portfolio insights.

Quickly access data that assists in smarter lending decisions: identify at-risk projects as well as valuable portfolio trends.

Real Time Data

Proactively manage risk with real time exposure insights.

Stay Proactive

Identify and eliminate problems before they intensify.

Get Exposure Notifications

Gain real time insight into exposure and be notified of approaching limits.


Unlock Higher Interest Income.

Commercial Real Estate and Commercial & Industrial lenders transform manual processes into streamlined workflows with Built that enable decreased risk and increased interest income.

Home Builder Finance

Expedite HBF Processes.

HBF lenders expedite the collateral add process and draw turnaround times, open new revenue streams, and remove administrative burden with Built.


Increase Efficiency.

Consumer lenders eliminate complex handoffs and processes in favor of transparent and efficient construction loan management.


Services for Risk Reduction

Built Plus powers better construction lending—before and after the loan has closed. Dive into our offerings for remote inspections, title solutions, project monitoring, and more.

Built + nCino

Send your construction loans directly from nCino to Built to create speed, efficiency, and scalability in your loan administration processes. Reduce risk related to manually inputting data in multiple systems and enhance transparency between you and all impacted stakeholders with Built’s nCino integration.

Case Study

Peoples Bank

Peoples Bank has been able to standardize and streamline commercial construction loan administration with Built. The residential construction loan team at Peoples Bank was already using Built as their solution for construction loan administration. Once their CRE team evaluated their options, Built was the clear choice for their team as well. Since adoption, Built has provided clarity and control as they manage a decentralized team with centralized processes.

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