Solutions for Owners

Streamline your budget and payment processes with Built.

Manual processes take time away from what matters most – growing your business.

Reliance on spreadsheets and disparate systems is a recipe for disaster. Connecting the dots across many tools and documents is nearly impossible and creates unnecessary risk for your business.

Integrate all of your critical workflows.

Manage everything from compliance documents to payments in one easy-to-use platform.

Increase efficiency and expedite projects.

Automate draw creation, document collection, and payment management. Streamlined workflows enable you to access capital faster.

Reduce risk across your portfolio.

View all portfolio and budget data in real-time. With accurate and centralized data, you can accelerate your decision-making process, increase your margins, and level up your business.

Get the tools you need to manage your project funds.

Manage compliance at the commitment level. Ensure your vendors have the necessary documentation on file before you make a payment.

Get the tools you need to manage your project funds.

Project Financials

Plan and manage project costs by centralizing budget management, streamlining draw creation, and creating detailed forecasts.


Commercial Developers (Retail, Office, Mixed Use)
Multifamily Developers
Industrial Developers
Payment Management

Manage project payables by streamlining vendor invoice processes, automating lien waiver and insurance collection, and securely sending payments.


Commercial General Contractors
Industrial General Contractors
Home Remodelers

Simplify budget management.

Track funds going into and out of your projects. Monitor your budget on the contract and portfolio level to keep projects on schedule.

Request funds from your capital provider.

Create and submit draws in minutes. View all your draws and draw schedules in one place for visibility into your project finances.

Modernize your bookkeeping.

Collect and manage all your AIA-styled and direct cost invoices in one place. Implement guardrails and approval workflows to ensure accuracy.

Track all of your documents in one place.

Collect notices, certificates of insurance, safety documents, and financials in one secure location. Monitor document status to ensure your team is compliant.

Automate your lien waiver process.

Quickly create lien waivers and enable trade partners to sign electronically. View the status of all lien waivers in one place and follow up on missing signatures.

Streamline your construction billing process.

Enable subcontractors to connect and manage their bank accounts so they get paid faster. And with Built’s integrated ACH solution, you can make high-volume payments securely.