Built Technologies Launches New Business Unit to Help Commercial Property Developers Reduce Risk, Boost Profits

First purpose-built, cloud-based solution to connect owners, lenders and builders set for 2023.

NASHVILLE, TN – April 4, 2023 – Built Technologies, one of the fastest growing construction and real estate fintech software providers in the U.S., today announced the launch of a new business unit focused on commercial property developers. This expansion will enable the development of new, purpose-built solutions designed to address the unique needs of this market. Built’s first product for commercial property developers is set to launch later in 2023. 

In partnership with highly respected commercial property developers, Built Technologies is creating a configurable, cloud-based solution that will address key market challenges, including funding delays, manual processes, unexpected change orders, and maintaining an accurate view of the budget and forecast. The solution will remove friction and increase transparency and speed, enabling developers to boost productivity, reduce loss, and increase revenue and scalability. 

“As economic trends shift, owners and developers can benefit from tools that identify risks, assess options, and inform decision making,” said Alex Helman, general manager, owners at Built Technologies. “Built is listening to the thousands of users collaborating within our platform as we design each solution with proactive customer input. We’re eager to partner with developers, as we can connect them to our existing network of capital providers and builders to accelerate funding, increase portfolio visibility, and enable instant collaboration.”

Built Technologies provides solutions designed to optimize financial operations within the vast construction ecosystem. To date, Built has managed over 380,000 construction projects, totaling more than $200B+ in construction volume. To partner with Built Technologies as we design our solution for developers, sign up for one of our limited partner seats today.

About Built Technologies

Built is the leading provider of construction and real estate finance technology. By providing a centralized platform for all stakeholders, Built enables increased efficiency, collaboration, transparency, and business agility—with decreased risk—allowing customers to improve the way that the communities around them are built and managed. The Built platform is used by more than 250 leading North American lenders and asset managers, and thousands of developers, home builders and contractors. To learn more, visit https://getbuilt.com/.


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