Unlock Built’s full potential.

Learn how to effectively leverage Built’s technology through on-demand eLearning, product release training, and specialized demos from subject matter experts.

person looking at computer for Built training

Digital transformation starts with U.

Despite the clear benefits of digital transformation, many companies struggle to drive the utilization of essential workplace technologies. Employees often feel left in the dark when being asked to adopt new technology–causing frustration, stifling efficiency, and slowing production.

BuiltU offers a suite of intuitive training materials that allow you and your teams to unlock the full potential of Built’s digital platform.

Enhance employee experience.

With BuiltU, you can provide your employees access to the specialized training and information needed to help them confidently adopt and utilize Built’s technology.

Increase speed-to-value & convenience.

With on-demand training accessible using your Built credentials, BuiltU allows you to kickstart user enablement when it’s convenient for you and your teams.


Boost business continuity.

BuiltU supports the ongoing learning needs of your administrative teams while also aiding in the onboarding and training of new employees. The support offered by BuiltU can help boost business continuity and mitigate potential delays in draw funding.

Ready to unlock Built’s full potential?