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Expedite the collateral add process, accelerate draw turnaround times, open new revenue streams, and remove administrative burden with Built.

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Powering Tailored HBF Processes

Built’s Home Builder Finance solutions allow users to draw funds at the line level, or on a per-unit basis, if applicable, for all revolver types.

Guidance Lines

Track and manage home builder parent facilities to ensure accurate collateral management when drawing on sub-notes with the benefits of full oversight on individual lots.

Master Guidance Lines

Manage large, revolving credit facilities with Built as your system of record for collateral management—with the ability to post principal payments at the unit level.

Borrowing Base Facilities

Use Built to control revolving facilities to manage advanced home builder development of single family homes where homes contribute value to a pool of funds managed at the parent level.

Aggregate Critical Loan Information—All In One Place

Administering home builder lines of credit can be time-consuming and complex without the proper systems and reporting in place to manage collateral and facilitate timely draws.

Streamlined Collateral Management

Manage and maintain collateral and loan documentation in a secure and centralized online location.

Enhanced Reporting & Insights

Proactively track pipeline and forecast future commitments with real-time data, available to you 24/7—manage your extensive portfolio and make data-backed decisions with confidence.

Automated Risk Alerts

Provide real-time visibility into portfolio reporting, draw availability, and sub-limitations of loan agreements.

Seamless Draw Management

Collaborate with owners, builders, and borrowers for draw management and disbursement in one centralized platform. By decreasing draw time with Built, you’ll improve customer relationships all while decreasing errors and increasing insight for all involved parties.

Testimonials From Our Partners

John Marshall Bank is proud to partner with Built Technologies as we continue to focus on providing an enhanced customer experience to all of our construction clients. The Built digital service platform has been instrumental in our ability to continue to service those projects in process.

Jason McDonough, EVP — Director of Commercial Real Estate Lending
John Marshall Bank

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