Consumer Inspections Technology & Services

The Next Evolution of Consumer Inspections

Proactively accelerate construction draws through a suite of powerful inspection technology and services that increase profitability, mitigate risk, and allow for auditable compliance.

Take Charge of Your Draw Inspection Process

With Built’s Inspections Technology & Services, lenders unlock the following versatile inspection options–allowing for total control over the inspection process.

Project Snapshot

Leverage anyone associated with your construction project to capture geolocation-verified photos and upload them directly into Built via their mobile device. Use the photos to verify project progress and accelerate funding or enhance project visibility with more frequent monitoring.

Inspector Review

Need a more thorough review of your Project Snapshot photos? Route them to an in-network inspector for additional remote analysis. Once the review is complete, the inspector uploads their inspection report directly into the project.

Inspector Onsite

Digitally schedule pre-qualified inspectors from Built’s network to visit the job site, assess evidence of progress, and upload an auditable inspection report directly into Built. Inspector Onsite also allows you to easily pre-schedule draw inspections to proactively make funds available for quick release once the draw is requested.

Learn How to Transform Your Construction Draw Inspections

A Better Inspection Experience For You, Your Borrowers, & Your Builders

  • Keep a finger on the pulse of your construction project.

    Maintain constant visibility and reduce risk with fast, auditable photo uploads from anyone involved with your project.

  • Proactively accelerate construction draws.

    Easily pre-schedule onsite inspections & supplement them with auditable Project Snapshot photos–so you can proactively make funds available for quick release once the draw is requested. Time from draw request to approval is nearly 30% faster when lenders pre-schedule onsite draw inspections.

  • Reduce inspection turn times.

    Lenders who source inspectors from Built’s network experience average inspection turn times of two days or less –allowing for accelerated funding and an improved customer experience.

Are you a private lender?

Built streamlines and standardizes inspection reporting–allowing you to satisfy capital provider requirements while expanding your pool of inspectors, accelerating draw funding, and increasing project progress visibility.

Ready to transform your consumer inspections?