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Confidently meet the requirements of your capital providers, expand your network of inspectors, and accelerate draws by leveraging standardized Detailed Inspection Reports and a suite of intuitive inspection technology and services.

Access Detailed Inspection Reports

Detailed Inspection Reports increase the auditable detail you can collect throughout the inspection process–improving your ability to track construction progress and deliver an exceptional customer experience. 

In addition, Detailed Inspection Reports consolidate all critical inspection data you need to satisfy your capital provider’s specific reporting requirements.

Expand Your Scope of Inspectors & Unlock a More Efficient Inspection Experience  

The standardization provided by Built’s Detailed Inspection Reports allows you to further enhance your inspection experience. By leveraging the following suite of technology and services, you can expand your scope of inspection providers, proactively accelerate draws, and increase visibility on every project.

  • Verified Inspector Network

    Access a nationwide pool of pre-qualified inspectors to ease entry into new markets or products and eliminate the legwork of manually sourcing or replacing inspectors.

    Digitally submit bid requests, easily schedule inspectors, and quickly receive inspection reports uploaded directly into Built.

  • Project Snapshot

    Leverage anyone associated with your project to capture geolocation-verified photos and upload them directly into Built via their mobile device.

    Use photos to verify progress between onsite inspections to accelerate draws or enhance visibility with more frequent monitoring.

  • Inspector Onsite

    Digitally schedule pre-qualified inspectors from Built’s network to visit the job site, assess evidence of progress, and upload an auditable inspection report directly into Built.

    Inspector Onsite allows you to easily pre-schedule inspections to proactively make funds available for quick release once the draw is requested.

“The inspector pool is valuable. We spend a lot of time vetting inspectors or shedding inspectors that were not up to the standard that our borrowers expected. And now Built is doing that for us."

Justin Lucas,
Director of Construction
BD Capital

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