Reduce risk,
increase returns.

Built’s toolkit for commercial real estate lenders automates native workflows and drives insights—all in the cloud.
Adopted by Leading CRE Investors

Deal data doesn’t have to be siloed.

Built for Deal Management is the industry’s first platform that allows you to centralize all of your investment data in the cloud without disrupting the way you work. 

Increase Operating Efficiencies 

To increase transparency & visibility into your portfolio, it’s essential that teams work off tools that increase efficiency and are easily adoptable. By enabling users to work in their native workflows, Built’s deal management solution helps lenders retain top talent and transform once manual processes into streamlined workflows.

Mitigate Risk 

With a cloud-based system for managing all relevant deal information, users can clearly and easily highlight concentrated risks and decrease charge-off and provision allowance, in addition to decreasing the internal burden of regulatory compliance.

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Optimize Investment Decisions

Our deal management platform enables teams to stay nimble and identify areas of growth opportunity across their portfolio with unparalleled insights delivered through high-powered reporting and specialized CRE analytics. Staying up-to-date on all of the latest information helps establish continued customer trust, promoting long-term customer loyalty.

Maximize ROI

By making data-backed decisions on information available within the cloud, you can maximize efficiency and consistently deliver a return on your investment with increased collaboration, visibility & speed.

Your deals, the way you want to manage them.

Leveraging proprietary technology to automate and digitize the process of originating, underwriting, closing, and asset-managing your CRE loans and portfolios.


Our solution for commercial real estate deal management enables banks to remove the siloed information that creates unnecessary risk exposure within their portfolios.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies can invest intelligently by leveraging analytics based on real-time data—with data centralized in a streamlined, cloud-based location.

Private Equity

Increase ROI on CRE deals with collaboration, visibility, and speed with Built to synchronize deal data across each loan stage and integrate portfolios with alerts & monitoring to validate loan covenant compliance.

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