Modern construction companies deserve modern financial tools.

Your billing processes should run like clockwork. With Built, you can automate
your workflows and supercharge your business.

Unlock the power of your back office.

Equip your accounting team to handle a higher project load without increasing headcount. Decrease the risk of manual errors and implement best practices without slowing down.

working on computer with hard hat on desk

Protect your project financials. 

Ensure your subcontractors remain compliant throughout your projects with real-time COI tracking. Protect yourself against liens with a secure lien-waiver-for-payment digital exchange.

Build trust with your subs.

Delays in payments can lead to friction with subcontractors and affect project timelines. With our all-in-one construction billing system, you can accelerate payments without compromising internal controls, ensuring secure, and timely transactions.

Construction workers gather around to discuss plans
working on computer with hard hat on desk
Construction workers gather around to discuss plans

Built for ease of use.

  • We designed with your partners in mind.

    Built has made it easier than ever for your subcontractors and suppliers to collaborate with you in one convenient location so your AP inbox is no longer a black hole. After receiving auto-generated reminders, partners can submit pay applications, upload compliance documents, and sign lien waivers in just a few clicks.

  • We plug into your workflow.

    Built syncs with a variety of software systems—including project management tools and accounting systems—to seamlessly plug into your workflow, reduce duplicate data entry, and eliminate errors.

  • We're here when you need it.

    Live support is based in Nashville. With Built, each account has a dedicated contact with a direct email to their Customer Success Manager.

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