Download and send lien waivers by project in a single click

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Sean Richardson
PUBLISHED: 04/4/2018

Lien waivers and releases are critical components of the construction disbursement process. Lenders, title companies and property owners rely on these documents to be complete and accurate. Without them, funding can be seriously delayed.  

After you’ve collected all of your signed lien waivers, the next step is to send them up to lenders, title companies, and/or property owners. This can be a tedious task, even with the best organized file cabinet or folder structure.  

Problem solved! With Lienwaivers powered by Built, you are able to automatically create, sign, track and store lien waivers and releases sorted by project and subcontractor. Once you’re ready to send them up, simply download and send an entire project’s waiver documents to lenders, title companies, or property owners — all with just one-click.

Everything you will need to send these documents is located in your Lienwaivers powered by Built dashboard, where it is clear and easy to read which documents have been signed and paid and which ones have not, so you know the exact status and location of all of your documents. No needle in a haystack hunting for missing documents or merging countless separate signed lien waivers into one PDF file. Additionally, within Lienwaivers powered by Built is a dynamic search feature you can use search and recall archived waivers. 

Why our customers love the download/send all feature:

  • “It sounds so simple but this one task [sending all the waivers for a project] takes forever. I’m always checking and double-checking to make sure I have all the waivers. If one is unsigned and I don’t have a record of it, it holds up the entire transaction.”
  • “Used to take at least thirty minutes to locate all files, confirm they were ACTUALLY signed, and put them in a single sharable file.  Now it takes seconds.”
  • “So easy. I have hours back in my month, and we haven’t have a lender missing a document yet.”

Lienwaivers powered by Built is dedicated to building innovative software solutions for the construction industry so your business can run more efficiently. See for yourself: schedule a live demo today at Lienwaivers powered by Built.