Title Search

Quickly order a full title search at any stage of the project–allowing you to mitigate risk by ensuring liens and title conditions are clear prior to funding draws.

Access title data where & when you need it.

Title Search allows you to quickly access title data and create a paper trail of due diligence at any point in your project. You’ll receive a full report detailing mortgages, involuntary liens, and tax status. Title Search lives as a standalone option within Built’s Marketplace–meaning you can take full advantage of this functionality, regardless of how you’re currently managing your loan administration workflows.

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Fast & Consistent

Ordering title searches through Built means fast and consistent turnaround–no more waiting around for a title search needed for a draw order to close out a project.
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Predictable Pricing

Streamline the billing process with uniformed pricing and consolidated billing–eliminating time wasted paying for each individual title search invoice.
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Centralized Management

Simplify the title search process by easily maintaining requests and documents within the Built platform. Completed searches are automatically uploaded–meaning you no longer need to navigate between different systems.


What is a title search?

A title search is a snapshot of a property’s title, including all lien findings, mortgages, and tax status.

What is the average turn time for a title search?

Without Built, the average title search can often take a week or longer–leading to delayed draw turn times and friction between the lender and borrower. When using Built’s Title Search solution, lenders have seen average turn times of two days or less. And, once completed, searches are uploaded directly into Built’s platform for easy access. 

Ready to Learn More?

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