Built’s Title Solutions

Proactively manage title due diligence with efficiency and ease

With Built’s Title Solutions, you can manage all of your title needs from origination to administration. By combining powerful data that you need when you need it and continuous monitoring, you’ll find title encumbrances as soon as they arise, allowing you to mitigate and address potential issues before they become major risks to your projects.


The Built Title Solutions Difference

Combining Built’s embedded Title Search as needed throughout the project lifecycle, Built’s daily Lien Monitoring creates the most complete title solution in the market today, allowing you to identify lien risks while maximizing efficiencies and creating a best-in-class client experience.

Lien Monitoring

Lien Monitoring provides, contextual alerts so that you can easily  take action and make decisions on your construction projects.

As a lender, you can continuously monitor and surface any new or outstanding liens to proactively mitigate risk.


Title Search

Get the data you need and create a paper trail of due diligence without having to leave the Built platform. In addition to monitoring for new involuntary liens, Title Search enables you to request and run a full title search at any stage of the project. You’ll receive a full report with property details, voluntary liens, involuntary liens, and tax status.

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