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Boost productivity
by empowering
your team to
work smarter.

It’s never been easier to streamline your team’s manual workflows and provide complete visibility into actionable project data.

Managing your project shouldn’t be such a headache.

Without easy access to data, managing your construction project can quickly become overwhelming–especially as the projects grow. In addition, manual lien waiver and document management put a serious burden on your team’s productivity. Built provides all stakeholders easy access to actionable project data and automates your team’s most time-consuming tasks–saving you time and money.

Fuel decision-making with clear & accurate data.

Empower informed decision-making with easy access to all project data and documentation in one place. Transparency for all involved parties eliminates unnecessary communication and simplifies the exchange of information.

Enable your team to work more efficiently with less risk.

Increase productivity without adding headcount or putting more stress on your team. With Built, tedious tasks like gathering hard copies of compliance documents can be done with just a few clicks. Simplifying administrative tasks frees up resources to help get your project to the finish line.

Pay your subcontractors faster & more efficiently.

Don’t let slow payments delay your project and cause friction with your subcontractors. With options for scheduling payments in advance as well as various methods for remitting payments, Built allows you to pay your subcontractors faster and more efficiently than ever before.

“I love the service! It’s been a lifesaver and provided extreme time savings and better compliance. The team at Built has an awesome customer service response. They are always there when I have a question or problem.”

Jake Barone, Gateway Builders Construction President

Built helps you do more with less.

  • Manage lien waivers with ease.

    Drastically reduce the amount of time your team spends managing lien waivers. Built’s Lien Waiver Management allows you to electronically create, send, track, receive, and file lien waivers right from a centralized dashboard.

  • Make the best decisions for your project with real-time status updates.

    Keep a finger on the pulse of your project with real-time status updates from your lender, builder, and inspector presented clearly in your Built dashboard.

  • Guarantee compliance with digital file management.

    Request, gather, and store all necessary documents in one place. With a digital filing system available directly inside the Built dashboard, files stay put and are easy to find, too.

  • Easily sync with your current software.

    Integrate your existing project management and accounting systems to reduce duplicate data entry, eliminate errors, and initiate faster payments.

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