Complete Your Lien Waiver Process in Minutes

Integrate with your existing construction software to easily manage lien waivers and payments.
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Lien waiver management is stressful.

A job that requires creating, printing, mailing, signing, collecting, and logging every single form is both time-consuming and exhausting. Lien waivers shouldn’t be so hard to complete.

With Lien Waiver Management, manage lien waivers with ease.

Digitally manage your lien waiver process from creation to completion
with no duplicate data entry.

Step 1

Connect Built With Your Current Software & Import Invoices

Sync Built with your current project management or accounting software so invoice info transfers quickly.

Step 2

Individually or Batch-Create Lien Waivers in A Few Clicks

Unlimited customizable templates make it easy to create various lien waivers for any circumstance—as does the ability to create one waiver at a time, or hundreds in a matter of seconds.

Step 3

Send Waivers Out to Be Completed

Email lien waivers out to be filled and signed electronically, or have your vendors print and wet-sign waivers before scanning them back to you.

Step 4

Collect & Track Lien Waivers in One Place

Once lien waivers are returned, upload the signed copy to your dashboard to keep current. Electronically signed lien waivers will automatically be returned to your Built dashboard.

Leverage your real-time dashboard to view outstanding lien risk at a glance

  • Send reminders for outstanding lien waivers
  • View audit trails and leave notes for team members
  • Download lien waivers for projects in bulk to send to your lender or project owner

Lien Waiver Management boasts additional benefits designed for contractors:

  • Customizable Lien Waiver Templates

    Store unlimited custom lien waiver templates to easily update documents.

  • Unlimited Projects

    From one to one million, there’s no limit to the projects you can track

  • Multiple User Access

    Grant all key team members access to utilize the platform.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    The intuitive interface is simple to use, so the learning curve is minimal.

  • Automated Reminders

    Send reminders for unsigned lien waivers directly from the main dashboard.

  • Searchable Archive

    Quickly search the archives to locate any lien waiver in a flash.

  • Cloud-Based System

    With a cloud-based system, your data will always be safe and accessible.

  • Unparalleled Customer Service

    We’re here to help! Chat or email us for support.

Case Study

Genesis Homes

Lien waiver management not only accelerated documentation and ensured compliance, it expedited bank draws by making documentation easy to gather and share.

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