Advanced Homebuilder Borrower Portal

PUBLISHED: 05/13/2024
What’s new?

Introducing the new Advanced Homebuilder Borrower Portal.

We are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement for our lender users in the Advanced Homebuilder Finance (HBF) space. Starting May 14th, lenders will have the opportunity to invite their advanced HBF borrowers to collaborate directly on Borrowing Base (BB) and Master Guidance Line of Credit (MGLOC) agreements. This new feature allows borrowers to seamlessly request draws, view collateral, and upload files and comments, streamlining the lending process

Traditionally, collaboration between lenders and borrowers in the advanced HBF space has been limited to sharing information via emails and spreadsheets. However, with this latest update, we are breaking new ground by empowering lenders to invite their borrowers into the process. By facilitating direct collaboration on BB and MGLOC agreements, lenders can now offer their borrowers a more efficient and transparent lending experience.

Key features:
  1. Borrowers can request funds on multiple units though a single draw experience directly through the platform
  2. Borrowers have access to view and download collateral details associated with their agreements.
  3. Borrowers can upload files and provide comments, streamlining communication and document sharing.
  4. Borrowers with multiple loan types within Built will now have a unified portal to access all of their loans.
Benefits for Lenders and Borrowers:

This new collaboration feature not only streamlines communication and document management but also enhances transparency and efficiency throughout the lending process. Lenders can expect smoother interactions with their borrowers, while borrowers gain greater visibility and control over their financing arrangements.

How It Works:

Lenders can simply invite their advanced HBF borrowers to collaborate on their BB and MGLOC agreements through our platform. Once invited, borrowers can access the Borrower Portal to engage in various collaborative activities, making the lending process more transparent and efficient for all parties involved.

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