Monitoring with Built Plus

Built Plus’ Monitoring offering proactively monitors and mitigates risk in the draw request process.

Through continually monitoring key risk indicators, Built enables lenders to proactively resolve issues and reduce blocked processes to release funds efficiently and within compliance.

Monitoring with Built Plus Enables You To

  • Mitigate Risk

    Get automated updates on progress and risks associated with your portfolio and find earlier opportunities for dispute resolution and issue mitigation

  • Access Data

    Gain access to reliable, contextual data directly at your fingertips

  • Create Efficiencies

    Consistently monitor and find lien issues before draws are requested, ultimately leading to less time between draw request and draw funding

  • Improve Customer Experience

    By eliminating time spent on manual data entry, you’ll be able to deliver more risk-free loans with quicker turnaround time

The Monitoring with Built Plus Difference

Built Monitoring combines the power of technology and third-party construction data to create in-app tools that help you proactively monitor and control risk in construction lending. By using this contextual data to identify and accurately diagnosing risk earlier in the process, Administrators are empowered to make smart decisions, faster.

Lien Monitoring

Lien Monitoring provides, contextual alerts so that you can easily  take action and make decisions on your construction projects.

As a lender, you can continuously monitor and surface any new or outstanding liens to proactively mitigate risk.


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