Access faster, more transparent draws.

Whether you're assigned to a project or building a dream home for your customer, requesting and receiving capital from lenders can be cumbersome and inefficient—with Built, it's streamlined and efficient.

“Built enables us to shorten the draw request process. In the past, depending on the bank, our draw request process would take up to 1-1/2 weeks to be approved and funded. With Built we’ve narrowed that process to 2 days—including funding!”

Franco Albarran
Architect + Contractor — Albarran Architects

A draw experience that exceeds expectations.

Built streamlines the process of communicating and exchanging information with your lender. The platform offers a unique portal experience for completing and monitoring all loan activity to help ensure your projects are completed on time and on budget.

Faster Draws

Up to 70% reduction in draw turnaround time, pushing projects forward faster.

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Project Tracking

Easily monitor project completion and receive project status updates in real-time.

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Digital Experience

Access a unique portal experience in Built, completely tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Consolidated Reporting

Identify key trends and risks across your entire project portfolio.

Refer Your Lender

Refer Your Construction Lenders to Built!

Earn $250 for every qualified referral that attends a Built demo.
If they progress to become a Built customer, earn an additional $1,000!

Step 1

Refer Your Lender

Upon receiving your referral, we will send them a message explaining why we’re reaching out. It will be courteous and give you all the credit! You are more than welcome to be included in this outreach. Please message us through The Framework if you would prefer this.

Step 2


If and when they respond, one of our friendly Account Executives will reach out for an introductory chat.

Step 3

Get Rewarded!

At the end of the chat, if your referrals choose to progress further, you’ll be rewarded with additional points. We’ll be sure to keep you updated when they become a customer.