Compliance Tracking

Digitally Manage Legal Documentation

Request, gather, and manage all important documents from subcontractors and vendors to guarantee partner compliance. You can create, send, receive and track lien waivers, gather certificates of insurance, store W-9s, and find any file you need in seconds.

Gathering compliance is a demanding task.

Builders and general contractors often require hundreds of documents from their crew before they can build—but physically collecting and organizing these files isn’t the only answer.

Compliance Tracking offers easy, digital management of all construction legal documentation.

Configure Necessary Vendor Compliance Documents

Set requirement criteria for each vendor to ensure proper documentation is received for every single trade partner. You can even schedule future renewal dates to avoid forthcoming lapse in compliance.

Request Compliance Documents Digitally

With just a few quick clicks, you can send individualized email alerts to every single subcontractor and vendor with a formal request for all necessary compliance documents, from W9s to certificates of insurance and beyond.

Documents Are Fulfilled & Work Can Begin

Once the documents are received and uploaded into the dashboard, Built helps you keep track of who is in compliance—and can therefore get to work—and who isn’t.

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