Want to Further Your Knowledge of Procore? These 9 Places Will Make You a Procore Expert

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Sean Richardson
PUBLISHED: 04/27/2020

Advancements in technology have powered all areas of the construction process — from the contractors in the field to lenders in the office — and Procore is a frontrunner in leading the charge to streamline the otherwise tedious process for all involved.

Procore received its name when Founder Tooey Courtemanche saw a need to develop a technology that would allow workers within the construction industry to channel their focus towards their “PROfessional CORE competencies,” instead of being bogged down by the miscellaneous tasks needed to keep protocol.

Procore is a project management tool that minimizes risk, increases productivity, and streamlines the construction process. To put it simply, Procore does construction better. As you enrich your company with new technology and expand your Procore adoption, here are 9 resources that every Procore expert needs.

  1. Procore Certification
    A certification program provided by Procore itself is definitely a great place to start in mastering your understanding of the software. Did you know that someone is Procore-certified every six minutes? And because all courses within this program are role-based, you receive training tailored to your specific job role.  Pass your registered courses, and become Procore-certified.
  2. Procore Virtual Trainings
    Do you prefer a more collaborative approach to learning? The Procore Virtual Training may be your ticket to understanding this software on the expert-level. Check this page frequently to see which webinars are available for registration or learn instantly with pre-recorded On Demand video training.
  3. Procore Education
    The Procore Education portal offers the same opportunities as the number one resource on this list. It takes you to the online certification courses that are broken into role-based learning. Take the necessary courses you need based on your role and receive that Procore-certified title that you deserve.
  4. Groundbreak 2020 
    Do you want to be fully absorbed in the technological advancements happening in the construction industry? Book your seat for the Fifth Annual Groundbreak conference happening this fall in New Orleans, LA. Groundbreak’s three-day conference is focused on  all the leading technology in construction – of course, hosted by Procore.
  5. Roadshow 
    Also hosted by Procore, Roadshow is all about networking and learning the ins and outs of Procore. Click here to find a Roadshow event near you. 
  6. Construction Industry Events 
    Another opportunity to mingle with the Procore team is by checking their events calendar! There are a number of construction industry events hosted all over to discuss certain topics relating to the industry, and Procore happens to be a regular exhibitor.
  7. Procore Certified User LinkedIn Group 
    If you aren’t leveraging LinkedIn Groups, you are missing out on a wealth of knowledge! The Procore Certified User Group is an opportunity to network and learn from other Procore Certified professionals. Members discuss on-boarding best practices and give updates on the role-based certifications and webinars offered by Procore.
  8. Procore Users LinkedIn Group
    Another great source of information is the Procore Users Group on LinkedIn. Currently, there are 785 construction professionals in this group discussing Procore and other industry news. Join the conversation by requesting to join  the group here.
  9. The Lienwaivers powered by Built Course
    Do you want to learn how you can manage your lien waivers, notice to owners, and ACH payments with Procore? Lienwaivers powered by Built is your Procore lien waiver solution. This course teaches Procore users how to create, send, and track lien waivers in order to increase return, streamline payments, and guarantee a signed lien waiver each and every time.

You can become a Procore Expert quite easily by leveraging this resource list. Cloud-based applications are changing the trajectory of how we build – stay in the know by using Procore.

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