Maximize Digital Post-Pandemic with Remote Inspections

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PUBLISHED: 05/20/2021

It’s imperative that you’re able to manage the change that comes your way with ease. Following the adoption of digital solutions to manage remote work effectively, many companies are now faced with a new question: what happens upon the return to the office?

The answer lies in the way that your company has adapted to technology over the past year. If your team is maximizing their investment in a tech tool, then they will see a return on their investment. Companies that are able to fully adopt digital solutions to transform their workflows will benefit from enhanced efficiency that will translate from the remote work environment and beyond.

One year ago, when construction companies were forced to pivot operations to ensure safety, many of their building inspections were moved digital. And, as a result of this shift, Construction Dive shares that: “One thing is clear…the departments that have either chosen to begin a video inspection program or were forced into it because of the COVID-19 pandemic will continue using this method of inspection after the health crisis is over.”

If you have successfully adapted to new processes, don’t stop there. Maximize the investment you’ve made into a digital solution by continuing to streamline the way that work gets done. Those who will succeed in the remainder of 2021 and beyond are the ones that are able to “capture the full business opportunities available from new technologies.”

In the case of remote inspections for building progress, you can ensure that work is happening according to schedule. By partnering with your builder or borrower, Built’s remote inspection capabilities allow users to submit photos while they are onsite versus scheduling time in advance for an inspector to come and travel out to the site. And, technology for remote inspections has unlocked new opportunities that allow access to more easily get to more remote locations that may be harder for inspectors to get to. Built’s remote inspection capabilities enable clarity and efficiency for all parties involved. Empower your borrowers to get their funds faster by taking charge of when draw inspections are available and scheduled, making for the best possible customer experience. A tool with remote inspection capabilities will enable the following:

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Mitigated Risk
  • Better Builder Experience

There’s no time like the present to evaluate what technology can and should mean for your team. The key to sustaining growth and managing change, no matter what our work environment looks like in the coming months, is to take advantage of the technology available and use the features that save your team time, which ultimately saves money. McKinsey shares, “Stay committed to what works. Problem-solve the new issues—foreseen and unforeseen—that arise the way you do any other challenge: uncover the problems and innovate solutions by agile trial and error. Maintain frequent check-ins and track progress.”

The draw inspection process is just one facet of how your lending team can maximize their digital investment post-pandemic. As you evaluate the current state of your workflows and plan for the future, maximize your digital investment by maintaining the technology that saves your team valuable time.  Learn lessons, adapt to change, and future-proof your business with technology that equips your team to work more efficiently.

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