Comprehensive, lightning-fast document search.

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Sean Richardson
PUBLISHED: 03/11/2018

Achooo! Is your office filled with dusty, disorganized filing cabinets?  Do you get tired of wasting time searching for documents? With Lienwaivers powered by Built, your waivers are neatly organized and archived in our cloud-based platform bringing your office into the 21st century.  When you need a waiver, you can simply search by any fieldproject, address, date, amount. Signed or unsigned. Partial conditional lien waiver, partial unconditional waiver, final conditional lien waiver, final unconditional lien waiver?

Lienwaivers powered by Built offers you comprehensive, lightning-fast searchin seconds. Our lien waiver software uses Google Cloud, the same distributed storage platform trusted by over 90% of Fortune 500 companies. This means your files are securely backed up and always readily accessible.

Lienwaivers powered by Built is committed to building innovative software solutions for the construction industry so your business can run more efficiently. See for yourself: schedule a demo today at Lienwaivers powered by Built Live Demo.