Building Blocks: Who is Built?

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Built Team
PUBLISHED: 01/20/2021

Built is the leading provider of construction finance technology. We connect the dots between construction lending and spending in order to streamline and simplify processes for all stakeholders involved. Our collaborative construction finance technology platform accelerates the movement of capital into and throughout construction projects. Users gain real-time access to draw disbursement, collateral management, lien waivers, sworn statements, and more—all from one platform.

What We Do

Built supports those building the communities around us—where we live, work and play. Loans to complete these projects can be risky. They can be expensive to service. There are a lot of boxes to check. Our goal is to create a seamless digital process that empowers both borrowers and builders and frees up the lender’s staff to add more value throughout the construction lending process. With the adoption of Built, commercial and consumer construction lenders are able to connect to commercial real estate owners, general contractors, residential homebuilders, specialty contractors, title companies, and other industry vendors to improve the flow of capital through the construction ecosystem.

And it doesn’t stop there.

We also recognize that those on the receiving end of those funds need to be able to pay vendors, keep projects moving, and manage paper trails along the way. You are the builders, shaping the skylines and neighborhoods in the communities around us. There are a lot of people involved in each project you take on and making sure that you have the money you need when you need it is imperative. With Built, builders and owners are able to spend less time worrying about the money and paperwork—and spend more time focused on building.

Who We Are

We are a team of people who recognize the importance of construction. We care about your problems, we care about partnering with our customers, and we care about producing consistent value to ensure your continued success. We act with urgency—focused on creating solutions for challenges you face so that you can get back to what matters most. We’re building relationships with the individuals that use our products and services to create a customer-centric culture. Remaining focused on our customers enables our team to provide disproportionate value for years to come.

Moving Forward

Each project, whether urban skyscraper or single-family home, that is managed with Built software enables us to help people do their jobs better. Built is used by more than 120 of the nation’s leading construction lenders and thousands of owners and contractors to manage over $68 billion of annual construction spend.

When Built started in 2014, we knew that there was an opportunity to shape the way the construction lending industry operates. Now, in 2021, we’re certain that the opportunities that lie ahead are even greater. By carefully listening to our customers, remaining committed to solving the biggest challenges, and designing solutions that serve the construction finance process from lending to spending, we’re confident that we can radically impact the industry from the ground up.

Why Now?

Simply put, we believe the construction industry as a whole deserves better. You’re hard at work every day, ensuring that each project gets finished to completion, on time and on budget. You’re putting in long hours trying to avoid risk and mistakes—which can be difficult to do from emailed spreadsheets or an office folder. Built offers solutions for those frustrated with slow processes and designs those solutions specifically with our users in mind. As we continue to grow and build on our product offering, it is all a part of our mission to aggressively invest in the ways that we can add immediate and lasting value to your world.

Built is powering smarter construction finance with a platform designed to manage risk, maximize productivity, and improve customer experience. Ready to learn more and change the way the world gets Built? Visit us at