5 Tips for Managing Lien Waivers Remotely

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Sean Richardson
PUBLISHED: 04/2/2020

We are now living and working through unimaginable circumstances. As the entire world takes pause, the internet has become one of the only reliable marketplaces available. During the global shutdown, we are utilizing alternative methods of communication and ways to go about business.

We’ve seen it firsthand through customers using our lien waiver platform. In certain markets, construction progress can still go on with the help of technology partners such as Procore, DocuSign, Notarize and Zoom. We are still making things happen.

As we transition to a remote environment, here are five simple steps to help manage lien waivers and payments with Lienwaivers powered by Built:

1. Bookmark Your Team’s Dashboard

Placement has a major impact on making things easier. Start by heading to your team’s dashboard, and bookmark the tab within your go-to browser. Title it “lien waiver manager.”

Use your company email to access your team dashboard. This will give you quick access to your login anytime, anywhere. Lienwaivers powered by Built can be accessed from your work, home office or even on your mobile device.

Tip for Procore users: If you’re using a different computer than you normally do, you’ll more than likely need to install the Procore Lienwaivers powered by Built extension. Reach out to customer success at [email protected] to get help installing this extension!

2. Invite key members to your team 

Remote work opens the door to miscommunication within your business. We no longer have the luxury to chat with team members in person, so how do you keep everyone on the same page? By giving access to your Lienwaivers powered by Built dashboard to other team members!

Simply invite your team to the dashboard and communicate simultaneously to ensure no confusion, delays or misguidance. To add and see who is on your team, head to your settings and click on “Users.” From there, you’ll be able to manage your Lienwaiver team.

3. Communicate with team members

Communication will be the leading force at keeping your construction jobs on track for the next few months. Within your Lienwaivers powered by Built account, you can easily see the lifecycle of each lien waiver and add notes as necessary.

Did your vendor plan on stopping by the office to sign their lien waiver, but now they’re working remotely from home? Adding a note lets your team members know the status and keeps your business processes running efficiently all while keeping safety and social distancing in mind.

4. Add messaging to your email templates

When you use the Lienwaivers powered by Built dashboard to manage lien waivers, you will know exactly which vendor has signed their lien waiver and which lien waivers are outstanding. Through custom messaging within the given email templates, you can provide instructions and updates to your customers, as well as import your company’s branding for clear communication. If a process has been changed, your emails will reflect that change, too.

5. Send lien waivers for electronic signature

As more vendors shift to remote work, lien waivers can’t be signed in the office and payments can’t be picked up. How do you continue to protect your company during a pandemic? By sending lien waivers for an electronic signature.

The Lienwaivers powered by Built dashboard provides four delivery options for lien waivers:

  • Printing
  • Emailing to vendors with an attached PDF
  • Electronic signature
  • Electronic notarization

Needless to say, during a time of social distancing and detachment from the office, options like electronic signature are very useful. All lien waivers are delivered to vendors electronically and can be signed using a desktop or mobile device. It’s really that simple!

PRO TIP: Payments 

Optionally you can attach an electronic payment to a lien waiver and the vendor will get paid electronically once they sign. This replaces the need and inconvenience of printing and mailing checks! For every electronic payment you send via the Lienwaivers powered by Built dashboard, you’re guaranteed a signed lien waiver in return.

Client Highlight: Kelly Construction

Kelly Construction reduced their average time to receive a signed lien waiver from over 3 days to only half a day by using the Lienwaivers powered by Built solution.