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Reduce Risk at All Project Stages

Funding construction projects can be risky—our mission is to change that. Built Marketplace transforms the construction loan origination and administration process by instituting operating controls in construction from a series of unpredictable, reactive tasks into a standardized set of processes and risk monitoring that helps loan admins make smarter decisions.

Services to Transform

Built fundamentally changes the risk profiles associated with construction by combining best-in-class on-demand services with ongoing monitoring solutions to create the most robust risk mitigation program in the industry.

Inspection Services
Project Pro
Title Search

Inspection Services

Built Inspection Services take a holistic approach to draw inspection management—creating a simple, elegant solution that minimizes common points of friction for the entire construction ecosystem.

Simplified Communication

Centralize your inspection scheduling and communication with a single location to identify pre-approved inspection vendors all over the nation

Improved Workflows

Get early access into all inspection mobile updates as well as exclusive access into enhanced inspection workflows aimed at alleviating friction throughout the inspection process.

Performance Dashboards

Exclusive inspection performance dashboards give you and your team concrete data to know how our inspectors are performing for you.

Project Pro

Mitigating risk is crucial in ensuring the success of your construction project. In order to fully mitigate risk on your project, you need to stay on top of construction inspections, any challenges facing the contractor, and the property’s title condition.

Lien Monitoring

Daily automatic updates detailing mechanics liens and other liens filed against the property, allowing you to take action quickly to proactively mitigate risk.

Contractor Monitoring

Track changes in the contractor’s business credit, financial stability risk, payment trends, and derogatory legal filings so that you can mitigate any negative impacts to your project.

Title Search

Mitigate risk by ensuring liens and title conditions are clear prior to funding draws. Title Search enables you to receive a full report with property details, voluntary liens, involuntary liens, and tax stats without having to leave the Built platform.

Real-Time Updates

Proactively monitor and mitigate risk with daily updates that allow you to understand in real time what lien risks may be associated with your portfolio

Proactive Title Searches

Fund draws and close out projects by finding lien issues before draws are requested and quickly getting title searches fulfilled
Built Title Search Detail Shot

Save Time & Money

Reduce spend and friction with a consolidated billing process and consistent monitoring and surveillance.
Built Title Search
Built Title Search Detail Shot
Built Title Search

Key Benefits

  • Mitigate Risk

    Easily access the service you need and see them in context of your projects so you can make the best business decisions.

  • Best-in-Class-Solution

    Leverage best-in-class service providers that will facilitate your requested service and then give you the information you need within the context of your project.

  • Reduce Administrative Overhead

    Reduce administrative overhead with the click of a button - allowing you to spend your time growing your business.

  • Maintain Compliance

    Ensure you have completed all necessary checks, reviews, and inspections while having proper documentation in place so a project can be completed both on time and on budget while maintaining compliance.

Case Study

First Federal

First Federal Savings needed a new digital solution to better fit the needs of their entire team, so they selected Built. After just a year on the platform, they can manage their construction projects more effectively and quickly identify trends within their portfolio.

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