Improve Customer Retention with Built for a Successful 2021

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Built Team
PUBLISHED: 02/3/2021

Customer satisfaction is paramount to the success of your business. No matter the size of your construction lending portfolio, keeping your best customers engaged and returning is crucial. As you execute your 2021 strategy, implementing Built’s construction loan administration solution enables you to keep customers satisfied. Improving customer satisfaction not only helps you keep the customers you do have, but also enables you to appeal to a broader audience as well. Built facilitates a better customer experience with faster turnaround times, increased visibility, and improved communication for everyone involved.

Faster Draw Turnaround 

Your borrowers are responsible for every detail of a project, ensuring materials are paid for, specialty contractors are paid, and managing all of the paperwork in between. With faster draw turnaround times, they’ll be able to protect those relationships and project timelines. When their customers are happy, yours will be too. Built facilitates faster draw turnaround times by automating the process so that approvals can happen in a matter of hours—rather than a matter of days. When draws are disbursed on time, your customers quickly get the capital they need to complete projects faster than ever before.

Better Visibility & Tracking

Manual, non-digital processes are both time consuming and can slow down the efficiency and effectiveness of your team. Additionally, they do not provide the visibility or reporting with tracking that Built can provide. With Built CLA, your team can facilitate day-to-day tasks in a single place, with access for your customers’ visibility. This cuts down on back-and-forth communication that can be time consuming and inconvenient for everyone involved. The world we live in is digital, so having readily available information is a requirement for happy customers. Built helps you and your team spend less time on data entry and more time on creating an optimal experience for every customer in your construction portfolio. Your team will enjoy time-saving, streamlined processes and workflows—and so will your customers.

Improved Communication

Once everyone has immediate access to the same information in one place, you can cut down on unnecessary time spent tracking down a spreadsheet or disbursement slips. Automated workflows will trigger communication to the right people—informing them when they need to take action on or approve items. For some, digital communication may cause hesitancy. However, in a remote work environment, it is necessary to get work done. Communicating via a single platform, like Built, helps eliminate the action items or messages that get lost in translation. When it’s all in one place, it’s less likely to get lost!

To keep your best customers, make sure that your team is equipped with the tools they need to improve their experience—taking it from good to great. Built empowers your team to efficiently and effectively manage post-close construction loans, all while making certain that your customers are top of mind. We know how important it is to take the needs of your customers seriously, which is why we’re constantly improving our suite of solutions with you, and them, in mind.

Your customers are important for the future of your business. Ensure that they have the best possible solution for getting the job done on schedule. Use Built to secure more repeat customers, time and time again.