Asset Manager

Gain the competitive advantage.

Streamline your deal and draw management processes to create efficiency, eliminate risk, boost fund IRR, and gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing investment environment.

Do more with less.

Gain the opportunity to improve margins on high-yield loans by implementing technology that mitigates investment risk, improves team efficiency, and automates data and analytics to improve developer relationships—all while leveraging your native workflows to get the job done right.

Gain in-depth portfolio oversight.

Built provides complete operational transparency and insight into investment performance. Project data, once loaded onto the system, provides predictive analytics so you can gain a competitive edge in an evolving capital environment.

Enhance sponsor & third-party experience.

Sponsorship entities and lenders can clearly track collateral through each stage of the real estate process via Built’s online portal. Built eliminates manual processes by aggregating information from spreadsheets seamlessly in a centralized hub. Shortening the project cycle enables sponsors to achieve greater IRRs and faster paths toward revenue generation.

Proactively monitor & mitigate investment risk.

Development is inherently risky. By managing collateral in a cloud-based system of record with all key stakeholders, you can ensure project execution and completion within the requirements of the loan agreement. And, you can leverage the data to make informed lending decisions with reduced risk.

Introducing Built for Deal Management

The only deal management platform purpose-built to simplify the user experience by allowing users to work in their current, native workflows.

  • Mitigate Risk

    Utilize precise collateral monitoring for tenants, property cash flows, and market data.

  • Ensure Covenant Compliance

    With a full audit trail of all root-level data, you can ensure covenant compliance every step of the way.

  • Leverage Portfolio Analytics

    Generate customizable loan reports directly in your existing spreadsheets or documents in a few clicks.

  • Secure Data in the Cloud

    Maintain all important project information in a centralized, cloud-based system.

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