Data Select Systems, Inc. and Built Technologies, Inc. Join Forces to Transform Construction Lending

March 07, 2017 – – Westlake Village, CA, and Nashville, TN – – Data Select Systems, Inc. (CLCS) and Built announced an integration between their platforms to further automate and simplify construction lending. The strategic partnership will give construction lenders nationwide significant competitive advantages to grow their business more safely and efficiently while transforming the customer experience they deliver their borrowers and builders.

Data Select’s CLCS system will integrate with Built’s web-based platform to allow construction lending organizations to bring the loan servicer, borrower, builder, draw inspector, and others into a centralized collaboration hub, creating efficiency and transparency for all parties involved. Lines of communication will grow stronger than ever through real-time online updates, alerts, and messages.

“Built’s technology will help our clients realize even more efficiency in their operation and deliver borrowers and builders the digital experience they expect in today’s day and age”, said Phil Freeman, CEO and Founder at Data Select Systems. “CLCS is used by premier construction lenders in all 50 states, including 40 of the largest 100 banks and 50 of the largest regional banks, so this partnership will have a significant impact on the construction lending industry as a whole.”

“We’re excited to work with a pioneer and leader like Data Select Systems to bring construction lending further into the digital world we live in and set a new standard for the industry”, said Chase Gilbert, President and Co-Founder of Built. “Together we can empower construction lenders to be more connected, productive and successful than ever before. Our combined solution is part of a shared vision that technology can be used to greatly reduce risk and increase the profitability of construction loans.”

About Data Select:
Incorporated in 1982, Data Select is the dominant company in the automation of construction loan control. Data Select’s CLCS III system services 51% of North America’s construction loan outstandings ($400 billion) in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Mexico and Canada. For more information, visit

About Built:
Built Technologies, Inc. is an enterprise technology company providing simple, safe, and secure collaboration and administration software to construction lenders nationwide. Built’s web-based software connects all key stakeholders through one central hub, reducing risk, increasing portfolio profitability, and delivering an amazing user experience to everyone involved. To find out more, visit, join Built Technologies on LinkedIn or follow Built on Twitter at @BuiltTechnology.

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