Business Insider Recognizes Built as Breakout B2B Star

Business Insider asked some of the top fintech investors to recommend up-and-coming B2B fintech companies to watch. Built made the list of 38 fintech startups investors are watching.

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Chase Gilbert, Built CEO and cofounder 

Cited by: Index Ventures (Investor)

Total raised: $55 million

What it does: A provider of construction finance technology, Built ensures efficient flow of money between all parties of a project. The Nashville-based startup offers updates in real-time to mitigate risk and speed up the process.

Why it’s hot in 2020: “Every year, banks lend trillions of dollars to builders to fuel the construction market. But most banks still rely on spreadsheets and paper to manage payouts — leading to project delays and additional costs,” Index Ventures’ Goldberg said. “Built is creating a new category of software to bring this market into the 21st Century. Based in Nashville, it’s one of the fastest-growing (and least well known) companies in our early stage portfolio.”