A Real Estate Operating Platform Users Can Actually Adopt.

Stop using chisel and stone and enter a new paradigm for managing your commercial real estate business.

Purpose Built

Keep all deal participants connected with a single real estate operating platform.

Next Generation Collaboration

  • Accelerate deals with configurable workflows and structure the platform in your way to facilitate efficiency.
  • Next Generation APIs to integrate data across systems.
  • Purpose built collaboration portals to interact with your clients and other deal stakeholders throughout the lifecycle.


Modernize The Deal Life Cycle

  • Remove the undifferentiated heavy lifting in your process and focus on what matters most.
  • User friendly experience with direct integration to your proprietary Excel workbooks.
  • Commercial Real Estate specific data engine.


Harness Data as an Asset

  • Leverage your own data for unique business intelligence.
  • Configurable insights and analytics dashboards.
  • Easily aggregate and structure data across deals.
  • Proactive Surveillance of deals to identify opportunities and mitigate risk.


Product Details

Bringing real estate data together.

Access a cloud-based system to manage deal data from contract to draw.


Aggregate Portfolio Insights

Give your institution a one-stop-shop to access holistic, portfolio insights with data updated in real-time from each deal, lease, and draw.


Automate Deal & Draw Workflows

Establish your deal teams and pre-configure deal and draw workflows, requirements, and approvals for automated, straight-through processing.


Access Insights On-Demand

Gain insight into your deals and portfolios’ performance at the click of a button and without the need for extensive Excel work or cumbersome aggregation of data through multiple systems.


Meet the team

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John Ricciardi

Sr. Subject Matter Expert

Riley Thomas

VP, Sales - Lender

Rich Zyne

Enterprise Account Executive

Gavin Crescenzo

Enterprise Account Executive

Josh Kaufman

Associate Director, Solution Engineering