Communicate critical loan information in one place, in real time.

Built Construction Loan Administration Software provides a centralized location for lenders, borrowers, builders, developers, and inspectors to efficiently manage construction loans.

A solution for all types
of construction loans

Once a construction loan has closed, lenders can utilize Built CLA Software to ensure the loan management process is efficient, transparent, and convenient for all parties.

How it Works

Core Connectivity

Built was designed to seamlessly connect to your other key lending systems. This gives your talented staff more time to focus on value-add activites and reduces the opportunity for human error.

Built Construction Software Interface

Draw Management

A streamlined draw process translates directly to increased administrative capacity. Increased efficiency means your customers get the capital they need to complete projects faster than ever before.

Built construction lending Platform screenshot

Collateral Management

With just a few clicks, Built CLA Software allows you to track construction collateral through every stage of the process, so you can quickly identify risks and ensure projects are progressing as planned.

Built lender platform screenshot

GMFS + Built

GMFS now utilizes Built to mitigate risk and ensure that their portfolio is clean, up-to-date, and organized.

Collaboration Portal

Built CLA Software provides an intuitive, modern portal experience that feels like online banking for construction loans. Lenders, owners, developers, builders, and inspectors now have a tailored experience that doesn’t involve disparate spreadsheets or tracking down emails.

Built file management screenshot

Portfolio Insights

Built CLA Software enables proactive risk mitigation through real-time portfolio management and data insights. Access the tools you need to quickly identify at-risk projects and portfolio trends that can help you make better lending decisions.

Built compliance audit screenshot


By automating and standardizing layers of manual loan management processes and procedures, Built CLA Software ensures decisions follow both your internal compliance procedures and regulatory requirements.

Built risk alerts screenshot

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