Streamline Commercial Lending

Built transforms manual processes into streamlined workflows that enable commercial lenders to decrease risk and increase interest income.
Powering Projects For

There’s a better way to manage your portfolio.

For commercial lenders information is often siloed, between spreadsheets, shared drives, or core accounting systems—all of which are time consuming to manage and prone to risk. Loan administrators and asset managers often get stuck retroactively repeating work, focused on unsustainable processes and unreliable data.

Portfolio Visibility
Loan Management
Pipeline Tracking

Unlock real-time portfolio visibility.

Accurate Reporting

Generate reports with up-to-date data your team and regulators can trust.

Risk Management

Highlight areas of interest to quickly identify loans that are at risk of going stale, reaching maturity, or overfunding.

Draw Turnaround

Visualize draw turnaround times and understand the influence of various workflows, settings, and users.

Manage loan documentation with ease.

Increase Transparency

Provide a standard point of information and communication access for all involved parties on a given project.

Cloud-Based Storage

Maintain all relevant documentation on a cloud-based platform.

24/7 Access

Access the critical loan data you need, when you need it in order to make informed lending decisions.

Proactively track pipeline & forecast future commitments.

Manage Collateral

Store all investment collateral and build reports with comprehensive data.

Predictive Analytics

Leverage predictive analytics with historical project information—Built powers improved covenant tracking, milestone completion, cash flow forecasting, and more.

Data-Based Decisions

Reconcile all loan portfolio information within Built for accurate forecasting and data-backed decision making.

Commercial Real Estate

Built’s Construction Loan Administration Suite equips commercial real estate lenders with the tools necessary to manage participations and syndications, LIHTC, and other complex capital stacks.

Commercial & Industrial

Centralize your construction portfolio on Built to gain full visibility into commercial and industrial projects. SBA, USDA, and owner-occupied project loans are made transparent and digital with Built’s Construction Loan Administration Suite. 

Asset Management

Reduce risk on commercial construction loans and focus on finding more opportunities to generate increased interest income. Asset managers can gain the competitive advantage by implementing a digital platform for construction loan administration.

Case Study

STAR Financial

Since adopting Built in 2020, the STAR Financial team has improved efficiency in all areas of their portfolio. Slow, manual processes prevented their team from having the time in their day to focus on business growth and customer experience. Now, they have decreased the time it takes to disburse draws, all while mitigating unnecessary risk.

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