Commercial & Industrial

Enhance Borrower Experience for Projects of All Sizes

Provide full construction loan transparency for busy business owners while offering the cloud-based, digital experience they’ve come to expect in every other facet of their lives. Empower borrowers to request the funds they need online in a matter of clicks.

Set Your Portfolio Up to Scale

Centralize your construction portfolio on Built to gain full visibility for commercial and industrial projects. Spend less time on administrative overhead and more time focused on portfolio growth.

Business Banking

For owner occupied loans, make sure your customers can get their business off the ground with a system that is easy to use and enables transparency, so they can request funds online. Providing a digital construction loan experience not only simplifies the process, but also powers the digital experience customers have come to expect.

Government Guaranteed

Add structure and guidelines to the way SBA and USDA loans are administered with Built—so you can provide more loans with less work. And, Built helps ensure you’re maintaining compliance with government regulations while providing a state-of-the-art customer experience. Win, win.

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