Provident State Bank Secures Built Inspection Solutions for Enhanced Customer Experience

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Builder Finance, Consumer
Preston, Maryland
Construction Loan Administration, Inspection Technology & Services

At a glance

Provident State Bank, now under Summit Community Bank, adopted Built’s Inspection Technology & Services and has seen positive results from increased transparency, streamlined reporting, and the ability to enhance their customers’ experience.

The challenge

Turnaround times on inspection requests were getting longer, causing builders to become frustrated and increase communication frequency. Limited external resources prohibited them from being able to provide the service they wanted to their growing client base. Following continued frustrations across all parties involved on projects, Provident State Bank knew that they needed a new solution to manage their progress inspections.

Built has exceeded my expectations. I continue to be impressed with all the new features Built is working on and what is to come.

Jennifer Green
Construction Loan Administrator

The solution

Once Provident State Bank learned about Built’s Inspection Technology & Services capabilities, it was clear that this would be the service they needed to improve turnaround times and manage inspection invoices with ease. As they continue to manage communication on all sides of construction projects, Provident State Bank has seen increased customer satisfaction as a result of centralized information from trusted inspectors.

With Built, any party involved in a project has access to the same documents, inspection information, draw requests, and more. By using Built’s Verified Inspector Network for consumer and builder-financed construction projects, the process has become more efficient and “not so time-consuming” for their team.

In addition to benefiting from Built Inspection Technology & Services, Provident State Bank also cites Built Insights and reporting features as greatly beneficial for their construction loan administration processes. They’re able to generate reports with specific information, as needed, providing powerful data to be used whenever necessary.

The results

Built has helped Provident State Bank with efficiency, tracking, and reporting. Everything that occurs within
the platform is then accessible by any party involved in the lending process—which enables the Provident
State Bank team to improve their customer service capabilities. Following the adoption of Built’s Inspection Technology & Services, their team has been able to increase inspection coverage and decrease inspection turnaround time to an average of 1.5 days.